Thursday, May 14, 2009

I go back to work in about four weeks or so. That begs the question: how the hell is this going to work? The house is already chaotic. I'm already tired.

But, Lord, do I need to go back. Being with a baby all day long day in and day out is so not my cup of tea. I feel bad even writing that, as C sits in her wiggle chair a few feet away, cooing to herself and kicking. But it's so true.


sko3 said...

love the graphic!
It'll work out.
And feel no guilt. My godmother routinely said that she only worked so that she could be a good mother--and it was true!

Katherine said...

I feel similarly about staying at home. Not for me.

My sister gave me scary advice (that I maybe already passed along? I can't remember...). She said you can do it, you'll just have to learn to do everything differently to accommodate the kid. And it's completely true for me. I do not operate like I used to, at all. But it works.

I hope your church will be understanding that returning to work is a process that takes weeks, if not months. I think it's damn near impossible and not necessarily healthy to jump back into the deep end, if at all possible.

Call or email me if you want to talk about it more.

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