Monday, March 16, 2009

The Kiddo's Room: Kid Not Included

So above are the requisite nursery pics. We managed to get second-hand, convert, or be given as a gift everything except for the wood for the bookcase, which the Mr. built. That makes my thrifty heart happy.

A parishioner painted the trees on the wall. She spent an embarrassingly long time doing them (as in, I was ashamed to take so much of her time).

Now we just need the baby.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Giving Things Up

I have no discernible Lenten discipline. I have joked that I will be giving up church for part of Lent. I've also not so jokingly said that having the kiddo is more than enough of a project for anyone. Despite my lack of initiative, I think a Lenten discipline has been thrust upon me: giving stuff up.

Warning: whining ahead.
  • The Louisville Pastoral People invited me to a cool sounding leadership conference that met last weekend (Karaoke Rev was able to go in my place, so that was good). People that pregnant can't fly.
  • My uncle died yesterday. The funeral will be were he lived, about six or so hours away, which is, again, too far when one is this pregnant. We weren't close at all, but I do wish I could be there for my dad. This was his younger brother.
  • The MDG team of the diocese where I serve is going to the Dominican Republic at the end of April to start to establish a companion relationship. The trip was originally in October, which I could have gone on. It was moved before I was public with the pregnancy. That was fun.
  • I was just invited to be a panelist at my div school alumni about younger clergy and leadership in late April.
And that's that. Granted, I could not have done all these things even if I would have been not pregnant; I do have to do some stuff on occasion with my parish, after all. Still. I'm feeling cranky.

I'm beginning not to wonder why younger women "fall behind" in ministry, since in the space of two months alone, I've had to miss out on some significant networking opportunities.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Due Dates and Other Such Nonsense

I am due today.
I am not dilated or effaced.
I don't need to time any contractions.
I don't need to call the doctor or the doula.

I know it's just an estimate, blahblahblah, but come on. Come ON.

And, btw, if anyone needs a list of how to naturally induce labor, I could compile a master one from a bunch of helpful, well-meaning people that I'm thisclose to strangling:

*eat oysters
*go for a long walk
*go for a ride on a bumpy road (this one is very popular)
*eat spicy foods (how does this work when you've done it throughout the pregnancy? it doesn't.)
*unpack the hospital bag
*start a project (example given: painting the bathroom)
*jump up and down (either with a jump rope or on a trampoline)
*schedule something you're really looking forward to (this is a murphy's law type one)

Is it just me, or is there something about some of these that seem vaguely reminiscent of unsuccessful home remedies for NOT getting pregnant in the first place?

For the record, neither caster oil nor sex has been suggested. Maybe people don't want to say "caster oil" or "sex" to their priest.

Incidentally, if saying, "You're still here?"or "The baby hasn't come yet?" could send one into labor, I would have had the baby a million times over.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

deep thoughts, by pregnant woman

dear james william/claire covington,

don't you want to come out now? 'cause i want you to come out. so does your dad. i know you're supposed to be in there just a little longer, but i'm ready to hold you (on the outside). and i'm not going to lie to you: the fact that i'm bored and a little uncomfortable are playing into this as well.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So what do you do when Malibu Barbie Dream Job comes open, you're about to have a new baby, you know selling your house would be really hard, MBDJ is only 75% time and you're carrying the family's health insurance right now, and your husband's job is pretty secure and well-paying?